no second fiddle with God

Heard this so long ago and it has stuck with me through the years. Jesus is either Lord of everything or not Lord at all. He will not take second chair in the orchestra of your life. He is a jealous God and will not allow another god to be in competition for your devotion. I’m so glad that He mercifully drew me to him when I was 17. I know that I have been blessed by this and also spared from so many heartaches. Grateful!


sweet hour of prayer

Prayer….what a powerful thing! Some of the absolute sweetest times in my life have been while in prayer either at home, kneeling with my Mom at her home, at church, with my ladies prayer group. When God inhabits the praise of His people it is a beautiful place to be. Last Sunday I had a nagging headache. In pre-service prayer I was impressed to ask one of our church children to pray for me. I went over to her and asked her if she would lay her hand on my head and pray for my headache to go away. She did and she spoke so softly I could not hear everything she said but I heard bits and pieces….Will you …Sis. B’s headache…In Jesus Name. I thanked her and got up and walked a few steps away and my headache was gone!! Simple childlike faith from a sincere child of God!!! Wow!! What a lesson we could and should learn from that! So thankful for all of His blessings!

dragging my feet with the blackeyed peas

I was raised in the South.  yes, raised not reared. So on New Year’s day you are supposed to have blackeyed peas for prosperity in the New Year.  Well, I’m not superstitious but it seems like a tasty thing to do anyway and my Mother always did.  But I was sick the days before and hubby bought some extra food so I wouldn’t have to cook and we had lots of yummy leftovers so it didn’t seem to make sense to cook more on New Year’s Day so….. today Jan. 4, my son’s birthday, we celebrated with blackeyed peas, pork chops, candied sweet potatoes, sauerkraut, and cornbread.  A little late but delicious anyway.